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Neutral Reaction Video Art
Year of creation: 2019

Neutral Reaction Video Art was my undergraduate dissertation project. The potential power of the media to influence the identity and personal relationships of the audience has become a severe concern and concept in me over the years. The impact of media can be seen in various forms in our lives, from beauty criteria, lifestyle choices, types of clothing, and even in choosing friends and relationships with those around us. Choosing a challenging topic with this theme provided the opportunity for social awareness, however small. According to Stuart Hall, audiences as the agency and media as the structure will always be in action and Reaction. Sometimes the audience wins in this battle, and sometimes the media. Neutral Reaction displays this action and Reaction; it s about a family under the bombardment of media information and data. It is a picture of how the audience is affected and transformed. The idea is based on Hypodermic needle theory, research, observation, and experience.

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